Bernd Schnieder GmbH

For a small carpenter's workshop which started with two employees, we are way bigger than we would have ever thought of back in 1965 during the year of our foundation'' says Bernd Schnieder on his website. The Bernd Schnieder GmbH is a modern craft and production company in the area of ,,windows, doors, furniture & facilities'' The company's headquarter lies, with a 8500 squaremeter working area, in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, where the Bernd Schnieder GmbH produces all windows, doors, and other facilities on their own. Besides the construction, things like consultation, planning and the assembly are all part of the whole service. A special feature of the brand is: With Schnieder you work exclusively with your own, very qualified assembly team – a decisive reason for the famously high quality of the results of the enterprise.

Bernd Schnieder, Geschäftsführer:
The ADULO window construction is innovative and matches our business. The advices are helpful and support is always there when you need it. All together – it's exactly what we need."