Gronau GmbH & Co. KG

Since three generations the Gronau team from Versmold delivers and mounts windows and doors for contented customers – a ,,brilliant new window world''. Since 1995 the window technology has made a huge jump in developing new window systems. Security aspects, functionality, highly efficient heat insulation and sound absorption – they excel the customary values by far. Also GRONAU is a leading company – with proven craft knowledge and modern thinking and operating. GRONAU scores with the nearness to their customers, specialized competent consultation with a personal inspection in the showroom, with own assembly by certified experts and not to forget with the most developed manufacturing engineering in the area of wood and PVC.

Axel und Torsten Gronau, Geschäftsführer und Inhaber:
"From the consultation all the way to the assembly we deliver everything from one hand. We found the same standard with ADULO. We had only good experiences with ADULO and we will keep on working with them."