Siegenthaler AG

The Swiss enterprise SIEGENTHALER AG in Stilli was founded in 1967 by Samuel Siegenthaler and is now a pioneer in the swiss window construction for 47 years. Quality and customer satisfaction is still the most important thing for the company. The SIEGENTHALER AG produces windows, layer-glued wooden aluminium doors and emergency doors. One is proud here of ,,Swiss made''. All window systems are real swiss products and made out of wood from swiss woods. The window systems made by their own brand SIETOP fulfill the highest demands. SIEGENTHALER AG front doors excite by the ingenious technology, timeless design, excellent heat insulation and reliable burglary protection.

Jürg Siegenthaler, Geschäftsführer:
"The ADULO window solution is flexible and can be adapted or extended to our needs without big trouble."