Swissnorm AG

Swissnorm is an enterprise that comes from Switzerland and which operates as a whole supplier for planning, sales, assembly maintenance of window and door systems made out of plastic, plastic aluminium, aluminium, wood and wooden metal. The company serves customers which are already working in the object construction trade, but also private customers. Swissnorm is a well-known brand which stands for innovation, service and quality and also for an attractive and dependable partner, the value lays on fair and successful cooperation. The center of the success are the satisfied customers. With Swissnorm you always stand in the first place when it comes to service. The energy efficient and valuable products serve to make the quality of the customers life even higher and also to protect our climate. The trusted employee's of Swissnorm distinguish themselves by great knowledge, service, customer orientation, high motivation, reliability and team spirit. Definitely something that the customers will notice.

Andreas Fischer, Geschäftsführer:
"We always had great experience with the ADULO software and we will continue working with it."