Meet some of our numerous customers.


Franz Jäger GmbH

"Thanks to the trust, that we receive from our customers, our company is constantly growing. Having a reliable partner like ADULO by your side is a great help."
Franz Jäger, Manager

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Brinkmann Fensterbau GmbH

„The innovative ADULO window solution matches us and the great advices and support make the whole package even better.“

Heinz Brinkmann, Manager

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Bernd Schnieder GmbH

"The ADULO window construction is innovative and matches our business. The advices are helpful and support is always there when you need it. All together – it's exactly what we need."

Bernd Schnieder, Manager

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Siegenthaler AG

"The ADULO window solution is flexible and can be adapted or extended to our needs without big trouble."

Jürg Siegenthaler, Manager

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Gronau GmbH & Co. KG

"From the consultation all the way to the assembly we deliver everything from one hand. We found the same standard with ADULO. We had only good experiences with ADULO and we will keep on working with them."

Axel und Torsten Gronau, Managers

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Wennemer Fensterbau

"The ADULO software is perfect for our needs and we enjoy working with it."

Dirk Wennemer, Manager

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Schreinerei Franz Renaltner

„We're doing great work with the ADULO software since many years now."

Franz Renaltner, Manager

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Eric Jaremkewicz GmbH

"I work with the ADULO software for over 20 years now and I can say that many other window construction softwares can't compete with ADULO. I'm fascinated by this software and know that even suppliers prefer to work with this system."

Eric Jaremkewicz, Manager

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Fenster & Türen Fischer GmbH

"After the release of the costumer, all the data travels directly to the specialist into the paperless manufacturing."

Johann Fischer, Manager

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Swissnorm AG

"We always had great experience with the ADULO software and we will continue working with it."

Andreas Fischer, Manager

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Fenestra Bauelemente GmbH

"The great support and the knowledge of the ADULO Solutions remind us every day that we found the right partner. We didn't regret the choice."

Heinrich Flügge, Manager

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ALBER Fensterbau GmbH

"Since many years we´re working with the window construction software made by ADULO, and we´re gonna continue to use it."

Markus Alber

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Fensterstudio Ewen

"From the customer to document management, offer and order, all the way to the final billing. With the ADULO software we work through every contract easily and entirely."

Christian Ewen, proprietor

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