ADULO CNC Machine Control Systems

The right solution for woodworking shop of windows and doors.


1. Quick and without problems to your CNC production.

All the optimized machine data for a commission or a series is automatically available. From the angle combination on machining centers to production lines in different locations, you control it all.


2. Higher utilization of your production.

The followed pattern of the production process integration of the machines ensures an increase in production with consistently high quality. They work on more orders in less time and increases the utilization of machines.


3. All kinds of windows, materials and equipment.

Whether it is wood, wood-ALU, windows or doors, standard or special construction - all machines are integrated. From saw, planer machine, plug machine, drilling machine up to the machining center etc. by all manufacturers like Weinig, Biesse, Homag, SCM.


4. Save material and time.

Through optimizations, precise production planning and accurate orders, your material consumption is reduced to a minimum. You save material and storage costs and avoid unnecessary daily setup and production times.