ADULO FIT Paperless Production

The right solution for manufactures - paperless production and central production monitoring in real time.


1. Overview with barcode controlled production.

Assign barcodes for jobs, equipment, staff and material. This way, every step for each employee is clearly defined from the beginning to the end. Based on the detected throughput you monitor the progress in real time.


2. Complete employee information .

Thanks to clear work instructions at the individual terminals, each employee knows exactly what to do. This way misunderstandings are avoided and a smooth and expeditious production without time and material losses is ensured.


3. Constant monitoring of the secured income.

At a glance you can see in real time if the production is and remains on schedule.  The pre-calculated target and actual times for both staff and equipment are constantly monitor to make sure it still fit the scheduele.


4. Timely and efficient delivery.

After completion, everything related to the delivery for each order is ready. From picking for loading / unloading to waybill and tour including the frame management.. This way it is possible to accompany each order from A to Z.