ADULO GS General Solution

The right software for manufacturers with machine production of windows and doors.


1. Simple and complete.

Work all your orders off faster. Precise calculation for material and wage. Professionally edited on your business paper with any images and your message. Have everything planned from offer and order to the final manufacturing of your product.


2. Quick and easy to window and door.

Round or slanted, coupled or not, with or without bars, for wood, wood-aluminum, PVC, PVC-aluminum or aluminum: Create standard and special shapes in just a few clicks and have an image ready for your customers immediately.


3. Finished precisely out of the individual construction.

In the empty construction you can place posts and bars, glasses, fillings and mounting options including handles of any kind. On the final production list, sketches and views with dimensioning ensure precise work.


4. Everything included for windows and doors.

Facades, blinds, shutters, shading systems and insect protection are also individually determined graphically. All data for the order is completely ready immediately after construction. Satisfy every request from your costumers.


5. Quickly from calculation to order and manufacturing.

Get prices, quantities of materials and orders based on your construction with only one click. This way you can start your production faster and ensure a reliable delivery for your costumers.


6. Proper and smooth manufacturing.

Get all the information for each of your created constructions directly from the window designer. The precise work list includes special messages and dimensioned drawings which provide clarity and will save time and material.


7. To ensure that everything fits perfectly.

Whether you manufacture yourself or buy - the simple overview of the window ensures that your employees keep track. Exact details for each production step include an all graphic production list to help optimizations.


8. For all types of productions by machines.

Regardless if it is wood, PVC or aluminum - you always have control over all machines. From conventional machines to CNC machines to entire production lines - you will be on the safe side even in the future.