ADULO LAPP Logistic App

The right logistics software for manufactures and distributors of windows and doors.


1. On schedule at the customer.

Save time and money on  each delivery time and money. Thanks to the defined target sequence you schedule precisely. If something should go in between, tell your customers using GPS positioning of all trucks with time on any delays.


2. Always everything included.

Quite simply, you always ensure complete deliveries. Per barcode scanner you capture every part which is loaded or unloaded the truck. So nothing is forgotten and every customer is approached only once.


3. Safety in case of damage.

When receiving the goods your customer signs electronically and you have the transfer of risk and the flawlessness indisputably documented. And just in case,  you enter the photo and text feature.


4. Cost-saving delivery and pick up.

The entire tour incl. return takes into account the past on the way customers where empty racks are to be collected. So you not only have all the racks at a glance, but also save during every tour time and money.