ADULO PPS Production Planning

The right solution for manufacturers with multiple production lines.


1. Timely production and delivery.

Prepare all the orders into your production. This allows you to see how high the utilization of each field is, when and where an order is processed, and whether additional orders with fixed delivery are possible.


2. Planning criteria of choice for optimal utilization.

Any from delivery or backward based free capacity you determine in its operational program as needed to each production start. Flexible you react to clearances and avoid impending bottlenecks in production.


3. All materials always on time.

With the production planning you can order the material required of all pending jobs to direct production start. On the one hand everything is punctual and  available; secondly it helps keeping your storage small.


4. Handle more orders with the same equipment.

The optimal utilization of existing resources wrap more orders from the same equipment. So you are faster in production and can eliminate unnecessary expensive investments in personnel and machinery.