The right software specifically for commercial enterprises and sales staff of window manufacturing industry.


1. Simple and complete

Each order is worked off. Precisely calculated for material and labor. Professionally edited on your business paper with any images and free text. Offer, order and assembly preparations are done hand in hand.


2. Quick and easy both for window and door

Round or slant, coupled or not, with or out bars, for wood, wood-aluminum, PVC, PVC-aluminum or aluminum: With only a few clicks you can make standard and special shapes and immediately have an image ready for your customers.


3. Always on the safe side.

In the free design you can place posts and bars, glasses, fillings and mounting option including handles of any kind. With one mouse click you get all the pictures and the customer knows exactly what he is getting from you.


4. Everything included.

Facades, blinds, shutters, shading systems and insect protection are also individually determined graphically. All data for the order is ready immediately after construction. Satisfying every customers request.


5. Always an eye on the profits.

Regardless if it is windows, doors or accessories, you maintain your prices easily with the import function in just a few moments. Precise calculation of your profits.


6. Quickly from calculation to order and manufacturing.

Get prices, quantities of materials and orders based on your construction with only one click. This way you can start your production faster and ensure a reliable delivery for your costumers.


7. Everything included.

With just one mouseclick the installation preparation with all its information is ready. Whether it is at a meeting or at the construction site, the exact data of all the details lets you make sure that everything is ready.


8. Proper and reliable assembly.

The precise details on the assembly list prevent misunderstandings and inquiries. This saves a lot of time and material on the construction site. Be sure to complete the work successfully on time.