ADULO Window Shop

The right solution for manufactures and distributors that sell your products online.


1. Always available: 24 hours 7 days per week

Offer your customers around the clock opportunity to ask about your products and order. Thanks to simple operation, the online configurator ensures a really quick price calculation including accessories, of course with images.


2. Full flexibility with the digital catalog

Instead of expensive, rigid catalogs you provide any online merchant with his individual price list that you can change at any time flexible and quick. With the custom discounts and bonus system you will significantly increase the customer loyalty.


3. Simply order quickly and individually

Whether end customer or dealer - each determines themselves as their components are designed to look as desired. And because all the necessary data is collected, the order is the therefore processed quick and easy.


4. An eye for high revenues for all products

How to choose your customers for a product? What they are looking for and what they actually buy? Are you on track with your customers? The evaluations in the shop make the products aligned so that you increase your sales.